Founder of 'Go Within Life Coaching' - Nova WhightmanMy name is Nova Wightman and although my official title is a Certified Professional Life Coach and CWG Coach, I consider myself to be more of a Spiritual Connector, a catalyst on your journey to your Higher Self.  I call myself a Spiritual Alignment Coach, because over the years and in my direct experience with coaching others, happiness and contentment in life all come down to two things: living your spirituality and being in alignment with who you really are.  Everything you create in life comes from this place.  I help you make sense of all of that and apply it to your daily life in very practical, functional and enjoyable ways.  Spirituality is meant to be enjoyed, we are meant to enjoy our lives, too.  The secret to maintaining a spiritually empowering life is about keeping your mind, body and spirit in alignment.  I help people to create daily habits and practices that keep them in their peak state so their higher self can emerge more easily.

Who do I work with?

  • Anyone who is on a conscious spiritual path, and is looking to incorporate their spirituality into their whole life in a very functional, every day way.
  • Anyone who considers him or herself to be a light-worker, healer of any sort (from chiropractor to energy worker), and is very passionate about sharing their gifts with the world AND wants to live an abundant, pleasure-filled life themselves.
  • Anyone who wants to know exactly what their gift and/or message is with great clarity and how they can earn a living with it.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to manage their emotions and energy in a way that keeps them focused, clear and moving forward, ultimately in alignment with who they really are.
  • Anyone who wants to experience inner peace, and see the possibilities available to them, all while learning how to appreciate and use the struggles and challenges that show up in their life.
  • Anyone who yearns for deep, inner connection, and who wants to feel good way more often than they feel bad.

About me:  I am a happy, joyful and loving human being who is very down to earth and enjoys good humor and wisely used sarcasm. Working with others in a deep, meaningful way is my passion, my life’s purpose, and each time I watch a soul recognize itself, it is the most amazing and humbling experience a gal could ask for.   I am also able to see and sense auras and energy, have been able to all my life, but have only figured out what to do with all of that just recently.  I was professionally trained and certified through The Coaches Training Institute (www.thecoaches.com), and am also a CWG Coach on Neale Donald Walsh’s team (author of the Conversations With God series www.nealedonaldwalsch.com).

I share this beautiful life with my husband and soul mate, Trevor Wightman, and my ridiculously cute and lovely little girl, Sati, who has unwittingly expanded my capacity to love and be loved beyond my imagining.  During my downtime I can be found playing an intense game of hide and seek, or watching ridiculously bad television.  :)

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