My Favorite New Year’s Ritual

I post the following exercise every year to assist you in your powerful transition into the New Year.  I often hear the phrases “good riddens” or “I’m so done with this year” at the end of each year, in people’s attempt to leave behind the old and start fresh.  What most people don’t realize, however, is that when you speak in such negative tones, you are actually creating more resistance around what you are trying to let go of and are basically inviting more of it into the next year.  So don’t do that!  Try the following instead :) :

Lovingly Release the Old, Powerfully Invite the New

On New Year’s Eve, set aside some alone time (or do this with someone you can easily share stuff like this with) to be with what has occurred in the last year, and tune into what you want to see in the next year.  Follow these steps:

  1. Create your space. Making this a ritualistic experience adds to the energy of what you are doing, and makes it more meaningful.  So light that candle, say a prayer, take deep breaths, burn incense, etc.
  2. Properly say goodbye to 2012. Take out a sheet of paper, and begin writing all that you are ready to say goodbye to from the last year and even prior to it, all of those things that you recognize have served their purpose and are no longer needed in your life.  I say “properly”, because in order to truly release something, it needs to be lovingly released.  In other words, rather than saying “I’m so done with that” with an edge of regret or disdain, shift your energy to being grateful for the presence of this thing in your life, and the acceptance that it was there for a reason and there was a gift in it.
  3. Lovingly release. In a safe way, burn the piece of paper, or tear it up, bury it whatever works for you, and as you do so give thanks to God, the Universe or whomever it is you appeal to with such things.
  4. Celebrate! When you are finished, it is so important to celebrate.  Not only does it lock in the experience, but it is an acknowledgment of this loving, important thing you just did for yourself.  Celebrating can happen in many different ways; maybe pouring a glass of champagne or eating some decadent chocolate, or perhaps taking a luxurious bubble bath or going out to celebrate with a loved one.
  5. Powerfully invite the new. On New Year’s Day, or as close to it as you can get, take some time to tune into and get clear on all that you’d like to invite into your life for 2013.  Again, create your space and take out a sheet of paper writing out all of those things you’d like to see show up, both physical and non-physical things within yourself you’d like to see emerge.  This can be done as a list, a letter to yourself, a drawing, etc.  When you’re finished, seal it in an envelope and keep it somewhere safe that you’ll remember to take it out and read it next December (it helps to mark a reminder on your calendar).
  6. Act as if and walk your talk. Don’t simply sit back and wait for these things to show up.  In the days, weeks and months that follow, consciously choose to think, speak and act in accordance with the things you wrote down for 2013.  Set some goals and milestones, hire a coach to inspire you and keep you on track, enlist a good friend to help hold you accountable.  Better yet, join our Kick Off Your Year call on January 2nd to receive tips and an actionable plan to help you sustain the energetic path you created on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, click here for more info.
  7. Enter this new year consciously and with powerful intention, a formula that can’t help but bring you success!  Enjoy!

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