The Spiritual Alignment Mini-Sessions for 2012 are now complete, but you can access the mp3 download for December’s “Miracles, Magic and Manifestation” mini-session for free, my gift to you!  Learn the 4 steps to living a “miracle mindset” and inviting more magic and manifestation into your life – all in a very practical, functional AND effective way.  Follow these steps into 2013 and enjoy a powerful year of miracles, magic and manifestation!

P.S. There’s a very powerful energetic transmission at the end of the recording given to us by Julia Maria Lloyd ( that is also easily received through the recording – people went nuts over it! (in a good way :) )

Miracles, Magic and Manifestation mp3 download


These monthly mini-sessions are designed to bring you inspirational and practical guidance and coaching around becoming more of Who You Really Are, blending your spirituality with your every day life, and Alignment is behind all of it. Each month’s session will last 30-40 minutes, focusing on relevant topics and featuring dynamic guests for the busy spiritual seeker and light-worker. With each topic there will be a 15-minute discussion followed by an application, be it an effective tool, exercise, or technique to immediately begin applying to your daily living, as well as a brief Q & A at the end. Our aim with these mini-sessions is to provide a space and context for awakened (or in the process of waking up!) individuals to find community, connection, expansion, and growth, as well as to form daily habits and practices that are in alignment with who you are and where you are going in life, ULTIMATELY contributing to a better, higher vibrating world. Homework, challenges, special offers and even some gifts and freebies will also be a part of these mini-sessions.

Each session will:

~ Happen monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 11:00am-11:40am Pacific

~ Be recorded and sent out to registrants for deeper learning and/or inability to make it live

~ Be FREE until otherwise decided!

—This could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. —

The Spiritual Alignment Mini-Sessions were created and are led by Certified Life Coach and CWG Coach Nova Wightman, whose clients lovingly refer to her as their “personal trainer for the soul”. For more information or any questions, please