How to Raise Your Vibration, Be Happy, AND Make the World Happy

“Man’s first responsibility is to be happy.  The second is to make everyone else happy.”  ~ Cantinflas

Does the above quote make you feel a tad bit uncomfortable, or does it ring absolutely true?  Most of us were raised to believe that we should put others first, to take care of others before taking care of ourselves, and to do it the other way around is just plain selfish.  And now, later in life, many of us are awakening to the fact that quite the opposite is true.  And while we may be able to accept this conceptually, putting it into practice on a regular basis and undoing that pattern of thinking takes some time and concentrated effort, and of course, reminders.  Well let this be yet another reminder to you to put yourself first.  And hear me when I say:

~ it is not selfish of you to do so

~ you are not doing a disservice to others if you do so

~ your family, friends, and the world, in fact, need you to do so


And here’s why…


While it may seem noble to put the happiness and well-being of others before your own, and in fact, appear to be the “right way” to do things, it is only a matter of time before this way of being brings us to a place of burn out, frustration, feeling unappreciated and depleted.  It simply isn’t sustainable, and not only are we unable to care for ourselves, we are no longer able to care for others the way we deeply want to.  However, by “filling up your own bucket”, and making your own self-care the highest priority you have, you not only feel your best, your clearest, your most energetic and connected, you are more effective in all your interactions with and for others.  You feel so good that you have access to everything you need to be your best and most impactful self.

But here’s the part I really want you to get: when we focus on our own happiness, alignment, connection, well-being, etc., energetically and vibrationally we are doing a HUGE service to the world.  You know that person who always seems to be happy and you always seem to feel really good around?  That is a person who puts their happiness first, raises their own vibration and in turn raises yours simply by your being around them.  Imagine what the world would be like if we all took the time to raise our own vibration (a.k.a. put our own happiness first), imagine what we could accomplish from this place.

So do yourself and the world a favor and give yourself permission to put YOU first, and release any guilt or lingering limiting beliefs that might accompany that.  We need you to.  And if you’re not sure what that looks like or are looking for ways to tangibly do this, things you can do for yourself each and every day that can’t help but spill over unto others, then sign up for my next Spiritual Alignment Mini-Session (free group call) next Tuesday, September 18th at 11am Pacific/1pm Central, where we will focus on specific techniques and tools to raise your vibration to feel happier in your own life AND have a greater impact in this world.  Check out the details at

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