“Conversations with God Collection” by Neale Donald Walsch: These books hands down are the single most impactful resources I’ve come across to date, and are the foundation of my own spirituality. Reading the words in these books was like all of the sudden remembering and getting a current glimpse of who I really am. Although I first picked up book 1 at the age of 14, the words I read gave me an “oh yeah, I know this” response of pure inner recognition, even though they were concepts I had actually to hear at such a young age. An in-depth yet simple explanation of life, a new perspective on God and the relationship you can have with Him/Her, and clarity on why we are here and what we do with that knowledge are just the beginnings of what these books offer. And the best part? Even if you don’t agree with a word of it, you still benefit because you are being pointed to what you do agree with, that is, what your truth is. And that kind of knowledge is priceless. READ THESE BOOKS!!! ~ Nova Wightman

“Happier Than God” by Neale Donald Walsch:: Out of all the CWG books, this one is my absolute favorite. It explains the process of creation or law of attraction in a way that perfectly made sense to me, as well as allowed me to begin applying it immediately, and with success (I had a lot of trouble doing this with The Secret). Neale gives an elaborate explanation of the different mechanisms of creation, including the lesser known law of opposites, and also gives tools and perspective on how to handle the negative occurrences in life, or the experiences we are positive we didn’t call forth. I use this book as a daily guide for living my life consciously, and have yet to find a better book for this. ~ Nova Wightman

“Happy for No Reason” by Marci Shimoff: I read this book right when I was just beginning to “get it” that we don’t need any external thing or experience in order to be happy, that happiness really is a choice, and that the “things” we want tend to show up automatically when we choose happiness first. Marci Shimoff articulates this seamlessly through her research of interviewing what she calls “The Happy 100”, including stories, exercises, and a step by step process to being happy just because. I found it to be incredibly impactful,inspiring and enjoyable to read!

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