“When I began working with Nova I told her my goal was to have the same life–the same job, friends and family–but for everything to be completely and totally different. I wanted less stress, less anger and resentment, more time, and patience, and the ability to handle everyday problems better.  And now, after only a few months of working with her, that is precisely what has happened. I walk through each day filled with joy and gratitude. I handle previously difficult situations with ease and grace and feel as if the world has slowed down so I can enjoy it. Nova has given me the skills to Master my own emotions, and thereby to master every situation I encounter in life.  I have witnessed my relationships with others improve and watched myself become more present in my own life. I have enjoyed achieving the same success at work with less effort and more pleasure. And my confidence and comfort has grown as I witness my enhanced ability to solve life’s problems and enjoy life’s many gifts.”  ~ Corey Lewis, Ph.D., English Professor, Author

“I cannot explain the amazing results I have seen in my life after working with Nova for just a few short months. I have spent many thousands of dollars on self help, therapists, coaches, programs etc but this has been by far the best investment I have ever made. I have always known that my life is an “inside” job, and that what you think and believe creates your reality. But no one ever gave me the “formula” for actually how to do this before.  I finally understand what it means to let go of my story and experience the freedom that comes from that. I never could have done it without Nova’s loving support, wisdom and total faith in me. Thank you Nova, for helping me change my life!” ~ Pamela Vandervoort, The Dating for True Love Expert, www.datingfortruelove.com

“Where to begin…..these Spiritual Alignment sessions with Nova have been nothing short of amazing. She’s given me the tools to center myself, relax and focus, which I use every day. Through the exercises she’s given me, I’ve been able to uncover a truck load of negative beliefs around money and self worth. Becoming fully aware of those beliefs, and lovingly letting them go, has already had a hugely positive effect on my psyche. Nova is a very skilled coach, and a lovely person to work with. Her intuitive ‘hits’ blew me away, and left me stunned on a couple of occasions. Thank you Nova :)” ~Julia Lloyd, BC, Canada

“Before I began sessions with Nova I felt bewildered and did not feel connected to myself. However, the Spiritual Alignment process seemed interesting and after initially talking with Nova was hungry for more. Being a life coach myself I have a deep understanding of consciousness, as a whole, and was looking for a fresh prospective in moving forward.  With each session I experienced a wonderful shift in my awareness and the simple and compassion way Nova partnered with me in this space. Her authentic, intuitive, and creative abilities in facilitating the Spiritual Alignment process were quite impressive.  Partnering with Nova has provided me a renewed since of empowerment and connection with myself.  I am now excited not only for what Nova has provided me, from a personal stance, but I am now more connected in providing others such an experience in my future coaching partnerships.” ~ Todd from NC, Personal Development Coach

“Thank you so much Nova for helping me get in touch with myself. I have learned more about myself in the last 3 weeks through your Spiritual Alignment program than I have in my entire life!! I released so many limiting beliefs that kept me from realizing my life purpose. I am now about to start a new and exciting career, I am more confident and a happier person. Words are not even enough to express my profound gratitude!” – Amanda Stephen, London

“Nova has touched my life in a way that I will never forget. Her gentle wisdom was a true gift during our sessions. When I initially contacted Nova I felt like I was pregnant with ideas and creativity and yet frozen with apathy. I wanted so badly to have my own business and therefore be financially independent but I felt stuck, mentally and emotionally. After one month of coaching with Nova I am proud to say that I have made some amazing changes. I have started on a path of releasing all that no longer serves me, I’m working with forgiveness, I changed my diet, I’m doing colonics, and I contacted a personal trainer. I have completely changed my life routine by waking up earlier to fit into my life rituals that are enriching to my soul. And if that wasn’t enough, today I registered my company!!! Nova’s coaching enabled me to focus on myself and my desires and gave me the impetus to set out to manifest them. I now have a permanent smile on my face! THANK YOU, NOVA!!!” ~ Griselda , FL


“It is true. The greatest teachers, coaches and guiding lights find the words and ways to gently help us and guide us to REMEMBER what we already know and who we TRULY are. They are not there, not hired to teach us through their wisdom, but rather, possess a true compassionate skill that guides you to unlock yourself…allowing you to see Who You Are and Where You want to be.  My Spiritual Alignment sessions with you, Nova, were remarkable. You cheered me on, supported and guided me to Self-Actualize all I knew. That is the gift of a true life guide. You possess an absolutely unique gift that empowered me to step into Who I Am, and hear ME. I cannot thank you for the techniques that you helped me develop for Me. They will be carried with me forever and referred to often to help me reconnect and remember Who I Am and all I can be.  Many blessings!” ~ Alia Mortensen, MN

“I started receiving coaching because I was searching for ways to address areas in my life I was not completely satisfied with. While going through the coaching process I feel I have been able to understand and change those areas and really start living MY life. My love life, my career, my money issues…completely changed, all in a matter of months! I have new direction and new purpose. I feel I can really open up to Nova. The coaching sessions are private and Nova allows me to express what I think, how I feel with no hesitation and no judgment. I will continue with Nova without a doubt, I only wish I would have started sooner.” – Amberly Hoyer, MN

“While receiving coaching, I was going through a huge transitional period of my life. I had just graduated from college, moved to a new state, began a new job, and gotten engaged. Needless to say all of these experiences provided me with different reasons to stress or doubt my own decision making. Speaking with Nova helped me to feel confident in my abilities as a daughter, friend, professional, fiance, and overall person. Before speaking with Nova, I constantly felt guilty about everything that I was not doing. It didn’t matter if I was doing everything in my power to make someone happy, if they weren’t happy I felt like I was doing something wrong. Nova helped me look at what I could do in my own life to make me happy. I have begun to look at what I can proactively do to make my life turn out the way I want it to.” ~ Nikki Slatkin, Minneapolis


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